Canadian Patriot 13: Between Two Systems- Which Way Canada?

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Table of Contents

Part 1

China at APEC: West Should Join New Silk Road…. 5

Putin: BRICS Policy is Inclusive, Pro-Development…. 8

Why is Canada Playing into WW3 Scenario?.... 9

Government’s Partial Hearings and Debate on War, Security and Terrorism Creates Fallacious Narrative Across Canada…. 11

Canada Must Accept China’s Offer to Build the Bering Strait Rail Tunnel…. 15

Part 2

Harper Regime using Lone Wolf Attack to Push for Police State Measures…. 19

Ottawa Shooter’s Bizarre Family Connections Shed Light on How Psychological Warfare is Run in Canada…. 20

Glenn Greenwald Canada Tour Exposes Surveillance State and Saudi 911 Support…. 22

Bob Graham Asserts ‘Direct Link’ Between Saudis and 9-11 Hijackers…. 23

Graham on CBC: War in Iraq and Syria a Result of Saudi Support for Most Extreme Element of Islam…. 24

Charles of Arabia: The British Monarchy, Saudi Arabia and 9-11…. 25

Philippe Couillard: A British Malthusian Operation in Quebec…. 33

Prince Charles’ Induction into Canadian Privy Council and the Nazi Roots of Windsor….35

Part 3

The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970 Must be Told…. 40

The October Crisis: A Carefully Prepared Plot…. 45

Thomas Malthus: Model of H.G. Wells’ Enlightened Nazi…. 42

A Short Definition of Synarchism…. 5

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Canadian Patriot 13: Between Two Systems- Which Way Canada?

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