Canadian Patriot 15: The Time Has Come for Canada to Join the New Silk Road

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A new system has presented itself to the world in the form of the New Silk Road- not as much of our mainstream me-dia portrays, as an “Asian phenomenon”, or “China’s attempt to become a global empire”- but as a global paradigm founded upon the most important principles of human self-organization and natural law. Already 700 million have been lifted out of poverty and billions more across the developing world look hopefully to this visionary process for their salvation.

If Canada and other western nations accept the opportunity to collaborate with this new and powerful dynamic, this will mean more than simply thinking about trade deals, resource exploitation and making money. Certainly, resources, trade deals and money will be made, but the challenge of collaborating in a meaningful way with the New Silk Road process will mean rediscovering our greatest nation-building traditions and values which have laid buried under dec-ades of collective amnesia. It will also mean exploring great megaprojects of the future that will allow us to confidently identify the limits to our potential, not in order to submit to them in pessimism and despair, but rather to leap beyond them by unleashing the full powers of creativity that our population can muster.

This is what was heard echoed in the recent speeches by Vladimir Putin in his March 8 State of the Nation Address when he stated: “the state’s role and positions in the modern world are not determined only or predominantly by natural resources or production capacities; the decisive role is played by the people, as well as conditions for every individual’s development, self-assertion and creativity”. Earlier China’s Xi Jinping, addressing the CPC Con-gress in November 2017 put a similar emphasis upon defining development under the merging new paradigm as one built upon the general welfare when he said: “The wellbeing of the people is the fundamental goal of development. We must do more to improve the lives and address the concerns of the people, and use development to strengthen areas of weakness and promote social fairness and justice”.

The contents of our following report showcase not only those positive current events which offer the greatest oppor-tunities for Canada’s entry into a new framework of international relations with Russia, China, the USA, but also fea-tures concrete programs which could begin at a moment’s notice. We will feature a critical analysis and history of the system of geopolitics as a tool of empire which is finally now being overthrown by Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, followed by the principles of LaRouche’s Four Laws in its most principled and general form. We will end this report with a revised and updated program published by the editors of the Canadian Patriot in March 2015 inspired by the World Landbridge and LaRouche’s Four Laws as laid out by the International Schiller Institute.

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Canadian Patriot 15: The Time Has Come for Canada to Join the New Silk Road

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