Canadian Patriot 19: The Green New Deal vs. The New Silk Road

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Two opposing worldviews have come to present themselves onto the world stage in recent years. One seeks to revive the outlook of America’s best traditions expressed in the form of great infrastructure projects and win-win cooperation and the other is committed to a return to an outdated system of governance premised upon “hereditary power of a ruling elite” and global governance under a divided world at conflict with itself.

Where the system governed by a technocratic elite centered in London demands a Green New Deal in order to combat “climate change” (although really promoting depopulation), the powers of Eurasia, led especially by China and Russia demand a genuine New Deal in the form of the Belt and Road Initiative, banking reform and long term investments into science and infrastructure. This Eurasian driven process has increasingly awakened the forgotten spirit of nation building among western governments which have witnessed a return to nationalist movements taking power in Europe and the Americas. The return to nationalism has taken the form of the Italian government which has announced its intention to become the first G7 nation to officially join the Belt and Road Initiative and even the United States whose current president has conducted a two year long battle with the British-directed Deep State.

The fact that the Green agenda is being put to the test for the first time under President Trump’s Committee on Climate Security is a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants a future that permits for Earth’s population to finally arise from poverty and lack of development.

This issue of the Canadian Patriot is devoted not only to shedding light on Canada’s role within this unfolding struggle between systems, but we sincerely desire that Canada take this crisis as an opportunity to re-awaken a forgotten spirit of true nation building which once drove our leap into the modern age in the decades after WWII. 

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Canadian Patriot 19: The Green New Deal vs. The New Silk Road

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