Canadian Patriot 5: The De Gaulle-Johnson Fight to Break the British Empire

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The history of Canada is one of the most obscured and mis-understood dramas in the western world. Until today, no principled investigation has unveiled the character of the Canadian experience as located between the bipolar tension caused by the incompatible co-existence of the American and British Systems of political economy. The shedding of light upon this obscurity is the challenge which the authors of the following report in this Canadian Patriot have taken up.

Through the analysis provided by the groundbreaking studies of American economist Lyndon LaRouche on physical economy, and his proof of the anti -entropic character of human economic systems, researchers of history have been granted a key to unlock the causal principles of historical changes. The fact is, as this issue and past reports have rigorously laid out, it is not merely human economic systems which must submit to the principle of constant anti-entropy (ie: constant creative growth), but that the entire universe exhibits the same characteristic property, from abiotic, to living matter. The perceived interests of empire which rely upon its control of fixed parameters and monetary logic, has developed a complex web of institutions enforced by “change agents” over countless generations that have been driven by what LaRouche has called “the Oligarchical Principle”… or the submission to the ideology of master-slave social organisation. The physical economic expression of this principle as it is presented in the following reports strives to destroy the potential for creative anti-entropic change exhibited by humanity.

This fifth issue of the Patriot begins with two reports on Daniel Johnson’s fight to break free of the fixed limits of the British Empire, taking advantage of the bold insight and vision of the great French President Charles de Gaulle. We then introduce a series of studies which expose for the first time ever, the entire complex of “change agents” from Maurice Strong, Liberal Party controller Walter Gorden, Louis Mortimer Bloomfield and General Andrew MacNaughton. These agents, often tragically believed to be great "canadian heroes" worked with full vigor to destroy the potential unleashed by the allies of FDR, Eisenhower and JFK in Canada who, up until the early 1960s were on the cusp of ushering in a new age of continental water and energy development beginning with NAWAPA and the optimistic belief in the unbounded potential of human progress. These British Imperial “change agents” working though the World Wildlife Fund and 1001 Club have also influenced the brainwashing of the native populations of the Americas to take on identities incompatible with scientific and technological optimism which has served as justification for the passage of the recent genocidal bill C-383 in Canada’s House of Commons.

We urge you to read the following studies with an intention not merely to consume history, but rather to become equipped to shape the future

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Canadian Patriot 5: The De Gaulle-Johnson Fight to Break the British Empire

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