Canadian Patriot 7: Canada's Struggle for Nationhood and the Round Table Movement

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This issue of the Canadian Patriot begins with the first of a two part series called British Dictatorship or the American System which reconstructs Canadian history for the first time ever beginning with the singular historical change that occured with the 1865 Lincoln victory over the British sponsored confederacy, and the 1902 establishment of the Rhodes Trust. In this article, the reader will be introduced to the Rhodes Trust and associated Round Table Movement which have been at the heart of the British attempt to undue the American Revolution and establish a one world government that has so tainted our century. The reader will be introduced to the creation of the Fabian Society in Canada and ends with the Round Table’s takeover of Canadian foreign policy during World War II.

We follow this up with a series of reports on the Imperial religion of Eugenics advanced by the defenders of the Darwinian Faith such as Thomas Huxley and Herbert Spencer in their creation of the little known yet highly powerful X Club. The thought and behavioural practice of the oligarchy and their “managers” is exposed in all of its inbred darkness. The nature of the Fabian Society, its origins and raison-d'être is exposed in the following article “What is the Fabian Society and to What End Was it created?”

We end our negative proof by a short feature “Was Darwin Really a Eugenicist, or Just Misunderstood?” by going straight to the horse’s mouth and pulling out blood chilling quotes from Darwin and his fanatical modern disciple Richard Dawkins.

The Patriot ends with two positive proofs of principle beginning with “FDR’s First 100 Days: The American System in Action” which features the true story of FDR’s battle with the British forces running Wall Street and how his understanding of Hamiltonian economics laid the basis for the most dramatic burst of progress in human history. The second positive proof is a reprint of LpacTV editor Aaron Halevy’s 2011, two part series “Towards a Culture of the Noosphere” and sets the positive basis upon which a true science of evolution, physics and mind must be established if humanity is to regain its moral fitness to survive.

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Canadian Patriot 7: Canada's Struggle for Nationhood and the Round Table Movement

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