Untold History of Canada Vol. 2: In Defense of Manifest Destiny

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Canada has existed in a state of “in-between-ness” since it was founded by “United Empire Loyalists” over 200 years ago. At times Canada has captured a free republican spirit inspired by the best Constitutional traditions of the United States, but the majority of the time, has remained stuck under the yolk of oligarchy.Though many figures fought valiantly to make Canada a nation independent of empire throughout the years, no historian has yet properly recognized the principle of Tragedy as the causal agency representing the unfolding of the Canadian experience until now.When the mind recognizes that the American Revolution was never simply an “American” phenomenon, but rather a global phenomenon designed to manifest in reality an idea of a society founded upon the Good, and consent of the governed for all human-kind, do the many layers of fallacy and Gordian knots created by generations of establishment historians come undone. 

In this second book of a series, we will set out to answer such vital questions as: Why did pro-American system forces fail to keep power in Canada after Lincoln’s 1965 assassination? How were those renaissance-humanist concepts underlying the doctrine of Manifest Destiny corrupted by slave owners and monarchists throughout the 19th century? Why did the rail line between Russia and America through British Columbia fail to succeed? What were the true reasons for the Alaska Purchase?How did Canada’s National Policy break the formation of a world land-bridge of rail development after 1867? These questions and more will be answered in “The Untold History of Canada”

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Untold History of Canada Vol. 2: In Defense of Manifest Destiny

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