Canadian Patriot 8: Exposing the Imperial Myth of Canadian Nationalism

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The theme of this issue of the Patriot is “the Imperial Myth of Canadian Nationalism”. The multi layered fallacy of composition which shapes the Canadian psyche today is a knot which must be untangled if truth and wise decision making may finally awaken the hearts and minds of a society too long kept complacent under the genocidal intention of a British Empire whose living representatives are currently on the verge of plunging humanity into the deepest collapse of population ever experienced by humankind.

The journey begun in the last issue continues with part two of the American System or British Dictatorship, follows up on the course of events which began last issue with the formation of the Round Table Movement, Fabian Society and Rhodes Trust networks who penetrated deeply into Canadian cultural, political and economic life. The time frame which part one addressed was the period beginning with Abraham Lincoln’s victory over the British-sponsored Southern Confederate insurrection and ended with the beginning of World War II. In this second part, we will look at the various agents who applied a paradigm shift in government organization and culture which aimed at nothing less than the advancement of a genocidal depopulation agenda and the outright banning of creative reason from human practice. This agenda was accelerated by the application of the 1968-1972 Cybernetics revolution of Pierre Trudeau.

We then continue with an investigation of the dynamics of potential which were sabotaged during World War 2 by Roosevelt’s British-allied enemies both in the USA and Canada. The Imperial Myth of the National Policy continues to shed light on the true battle for an independent Canada, and features a biting exposé of the fraudulent role of Canada’s 1867 Confederation and National Policy of 1878. The exposure of the fraud of Canadian nationalism as a synthetic creation by our British overlords is rounded out with the report George Grant’s Delphic Subversion of Canadian Nationalism.

With a clearer sense of the evil that permeates the Canadian identity, we end our Patriot with two reports that flesh out the positive principle of the American System and human creativity as a geological force for Good. The first article to this effect is an Introduction to the American System by Pascal Chevrier, and features an essential overview of the true American System and nation building program which the Anglo Dutch financial oligarchy has worked so hard to destroy and obscure since the American Revolution of 1776. The second article features the 2nd part of the report published in the last issue called Towards a Culture of the Noosphere by Aaron Halevy.

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Canadian Patriot 8: Exposing the Imperial Myth of Canadian Nationalism

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